As part of workforce planning, HR Professionals will be required to know the framework from supply perspective. Thus, there is a need to identify better ways of designing work or organisational structures so that people are deployed effectively and efficiently. In certain cases, actions might be about adopting more radical changes in how work is being delivered. Adopting from David Ulrich Six Bs strategies, this page looks into the 6 strategies of Buy, Build, Borrow, Bounce, Organisational Design and Balance to fill Organisation’s gaps with talents. It will provide a clear understanding of how and when should you use the different approaches and their challenges in doing so.


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1.      David Ulrich identified 6Bs in providing the user options to frame in workforce planning from the supply side.  They are buy, build, borrow, bounce, organisation design and balance.

2.      For each option, the user analyses in terms of desired requirements, anticipate the challenges and potential risks.

3.      This anticipatory approach helps user to make a more informed decision

4.      Once paragraph 2 is considered.  The user is offered guidelines on how to make it happen.

 5.      For example, Under what circumstances, will a “buy” decision be an appropriate choice?

6.      Guideline:  Turn to the external market if the candidates’ skills would be 25 to 35% better than those of your current employees or if you need an infusion of talent.









Source: HCI and David Ulrich.